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If you are looking for farming knowledge, we are here to help with research & reporting. We believe that Organic farming can provide a meaningful contribution to addressing the combined crises of biodiversity loss & climate change. And it is not too late

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Food policy

* What we eat as individuals will need to change.

* More fruit & veg, more fibre, less meat are on the menus of the future.

* The market has failed us and we believe that Government policy will have to change.

* We are keen to be involved - Organic food is tasty, healthy and should be more available than it is for more pockets.

* That needs scale which needs planning, great marketing and more farmers converting

Climate & Bio- diversity crises

Organic Farming delivers:

* more organic matter in soil than 'conventional farming, storing atmospheric carbon to build life

* soil life returns & soil structure recovers from the start of conversion

* soil life is the basis of most food chains. Saving the creatures at the top depends on life at the bottom.

Non-Organic farming, with its use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides, has helped to drive carbon out of the soil and damaged soil life with knock-on disruption to the food chains above.

Farming & Growing

What, where & how we grow our food in the UK are all about to change:

* mixed farms are going to proliferate - free-ranging animals support Organic crops with their manure & they in turn help build carbon faster than crops alone can do

* we believe food production should be localised where possible giving shorter supply chains, less waste and connect citizens with the land around them. We are working on projects that will do this

* building markets for local Organic food is key. Give our farmers a market and they will strive to fill it

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