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Why Organic?

Organic food is always in the dock - "you can't feed the world", "you're a luxury lifestyle choice", "consumers are paying more for no difference" etc etc. The headlines are wrong, Organic farming is cleaner, more clever, more artful and tastes better than every other form of farming....

It can feed the World. We need to waste less food, feed less to animals and value our food more. When you buy Organic, you get more.

The UN has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals to help steer policy makers, Organic farming delivers many of them:    

SDG3 good health tiny.jpg

Food from Organic farming is tastier, pesticide free and less processed.

SDG6 water tiny.jpg

With fewer pesticides, lower Nitrogen & Phosphorous use, the public purse spends less money cleaning water.

SDG8 work&growth tiny.jpg

Organic farms focussed on the local market employ more people per hectare than non-organic. 

SDG11 cities & commune tiny.jpg

Organic farming that focuses on its local market first, leads to more wealth staying locally for longer. At the same time, connects that community to the land

SDG12 production tiny.jpg

Organic food pays as it goes, causes less pollution and is more sustainable. 

Artificial nitrogen drives life from the soil. Life = carbon. Organic farming allows the soil to naturally build life = carbon. Organic farming is natural capture & storage of carbon 

SDG13 Climate.jpg

Organic farming promotes life in the soil, building carbon, refusing pesticides, relying instead on plant health and natural predators. The resulting life supports the food chain above. Organic means farming and nature in the same place 

SDG15 life on land tiny.jpg

Good food for everyone across the community, building trust & removing barriers between urban & country

SDG16 peace & just tiny.jpg

Creating a network of growers, retailers, policy makers and citizens through dialogue and commerce

SDG17 partners.jpg

Here to help growers grow & sell better. Here to help businesses find organic produce and here to help policy makers with food & farming knowledge.

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